This months FaceofFitness January Fit Crush, some of you may have guessed by my hopeless attempts at blurring out his face on Instagram- is the lovely, Jermain Hinds. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing this very humble, funny, driven young man. Standing at a very tall 6 foot 3 inches, Jermain has already made great strides in his athletic career thus far, and has worked hard to create a great future for himself in the athletic arena. I am happy that I got the chance to catch him before one of his gruelling training sessions and have a quick talk about fitness and his journey into athletics so far.

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Q: What got you into track and field?

A: I started running in primary school and found that I was ‘kinda fast’ and that’s what got me initially interested, but I took quite a long break in secondary school until I saw Usain Bolt in the 2008 Olympics and that was it, I was hooked. 

 Q: How did you handle getting back into shape after your long break away from athletics?

A: It was a long hard road trying to get my fitness level back up to where it is now, I was out for about 7 years, but I persevered and it was fun; having a love for your craft really helps too.

 Q: What events do you compete in, and which is your favourite?

A: I compete in the 100 and 200, but the 100 is for sure my favourite, because it’s just running in a straight line, so I am able to really give it my all, running as fast as possible throughout.

Q: What would you say is the biggest accomplishment that you’ve had so far in your field?

A: Every time I get a personal best is a great accomplishment for me, I go home smiling, I replay the moment in my mind over a thousand times, I am completely obsessed.

Q: So what would I need to do to get near to your personal best (PB)?

A: Well I train about 5-6 days a week, but you really have to kill yourself to get a PB. Eating right is a must and sleeping well, make sure you’re getting plenty of rest and avoid getting sick or injured. And when you get out on that track you have to be prepared to give it everything you’ve got.

 Q: You mentioned that having a good diet is important, what is your diet like?

A: I try to avoid certain things, like snack foods or processed foods. Basically I incorporate into my diet anything I can pick off of a tree or dig up from the ground, following that simple guideline keeps me in the right direction.

Q: You also mentioned rest was very important, what are your favourite things to do during your down time besides going on Bajantop5.com? (If you don’t know, get to know)

A: An ice bath or massage therapy is always nice, but honestly; sleeping is the best recovery method in my books, getting in those 8 hours is crucial for me to stay at my peak, which I definitely try to do as much as I can.

Q: You seem to be extremely dedicated and know what you want, what would you say is your vision for the future in athletics?

A: Of course to improve my personal best, and make the national team. I also want to encourage other people out there that don’t see athletics as a sport that they can get into or continue doing past a certain point, to give it a try. Athletics is really good for general fitness and keeping in shape, we have a nice community- its great to be involved in, and we all support and encourage each other.

Q: That sounds really nice, but getting onto more serious matters, something the ladies would be interested in reading. As you may know, you have a pretty fit physique, (we all saw you in the Allmax games during the swim); do you have a favourite body part? Or a favourite part you like to train?

 A: No favourite body part, but I do like to train my lower body, my preferred exercise is squats, which my coach has currently taken out of my program, and I absolutely hate lunges. Do not put me to do lunges, it will not happen.

 Q: And lastly, is there anything you would like to say to anyone that is thinking about getting into athletics?

Patience, consistency and confidence are key elements. Ensuring that you get enough rest, even when you don’t feel like you need to, flexibility is another key aspect. But you definitely need to have a lot of patience, consistency and confidence. There are some days you come out and don’t perform to the best of your ability, that can really play on your mind and get you down, but you cant let it affect you, you need to keep your head in the game at all times to succeed.

Even after taking a 7-year hiatus from his sport, Jermain fought hard and trained harder to regain his fitness. In doing so, he became the champion of the 2015 Allmax Fitness Extravaganza; a sporting event that combines all aspect of fitness and really pushes you to the limit. 

Even with no favourite body part to work on, (sorry ladies) he still manages to remain focussed on his overall goal and vision. But most importantly he didn’t give up, his work ethic and dedication is an inspiration to anyone that has been out of fitness for a while and may be too scared to get back into it and try again. Regaining your fitness, reaching your goals and becoming the best is possible, you just need to have the strength to work for it, as Jermain has shown.

There are definitely big things on the horizon for Jermain Hinds; we wish him all the best for the future, and a big thank you goes out to him for taking the time out to speak with us here at FaceofFitness246.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and remember that patience, consistency and confidence is key.

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