For the month of February we definitely have someone special added to the ranks of Faceoffitness246 FitCrush status. It is the beautiful Nikita Robinson, some of you may know her from the various fitness competitions she has done throughout the years. This 5’’2 beauty should certainly be an inspiration to us all. After having her gorgeous daughter Aziza 3 years ago, Nikita managed to work her way back up to the fitness champion she is today through hard work dedication and with the help of an amazing team. She now stands in good stride to take Barbados to the CAC’s this year and bring home a gold.


Q.What got you into fitness?

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 18.30.30A. It started back in about 2005 when I was in secondary school, my cousins’ dermatologist (Dr Forde)- said she had a good physique and told her she should get into the sport, so she brought me along for the trial. I was always active from quite young so decided to give it a try, my cousin dropped out after a while but I kept at it.

Q.Was it hard to get back into fitness after having a baby?

After having Aziza, I was distraught thinking that I had lost my body, there was so much fat, and before I could blink twice it was gone. I couldn’t believe my belly wasn’t stretching anymore. After having my child it could literally stretch, but just by doing small exercises and mainly cardio it came back down to normal.

Q. Last competition you did in Barbados and what place did you come?

A. I did nationals in August 2015, and I came first with a great assistance from my team helping me to get prepared for the competition.

Q. What is your diet like for competitions?

A. For me diet is the hardest part, I have to thank Nutritiously Inspired for helping me with Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 18.30.47meal prepping, because food is expensive and prepping food is also time consuming, and Nutritiously Inspired make it so much easier because you can just tell them exactly what you need and they make it available for you.

Q. What is your workout plan like for competitions?

A. Right now its mainly cardio, for the next show coming up I need to do a lot of cardio to get my body where I want it to be after this fabulous Christmas.

Q. What is your favourite body part to train?

A. I love to train my legs, so any leg exercise really, I just love it. But absolutely hate upper body.

Q. What would you say is your proudest moment in fitness?

A. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a proudest moment, but I’ve had a lot of moments, I’m very grateful for Dr Forde and the team for allowing me to travel all over the world and represent Barbados. I’ve seen a lot of the world, UK, Caribbean islands as well. I’ve travelled to a lot of places that I don’t think I would have been able to visit if it hadn’t been for fitness.

Q. How long before a competition do you start to prep?

A. Honestly in this sport I think you should always have a certain body structure and Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 18.31.01certain level of fitness all year round because when competition comes up it makes it easier to prepare for the shows instead of having to starting over all the time.

Q. What advice do you have for anyone that is thinking about getting into fitness?

A. You have to enjoy what you do; it is a lifestyle not just a hobby.

Never let your excuses take over your dreams, having children is not a reason to stay unfit; as Nikita proves by managing to take care of her 3 years old infant and still find the time to take the fitness world by storm.

Nikita Robinson doesn’t just have beauty and grace, she is also displays why strong is quickly becoming the new sexy; by being not only a champion fitness competitor, but a mother too. She really shows us what hard work; dedication and a will to achieve can produce, the FaceofFitness246 team wishes her the best in all her future fitness endeavours.



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