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The Egg Dilemma- To Fry or to Boil

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Iwas approached a couple of months ago by someone who told me they had been advised to stop eating fried eggs because boiled eggs are better. Unfortunately for them, because they hated boiled eggs- they decided it was best to just cut eggs out of their diet completely.

I sat there for a moment and thought what could be so bad about fried eggs to justify telling someone to stop eating them completely. The only logical explanation I could conjure up at the time to warrant such a sudden diet change is, because the eggs are fried in oil it makes them slightly worse than the boiled variety.  After I had made this assertion, I completely forgot about this debate until a couple of days ago when someone else approached me with the same dilemma; being told to cut out fried eggs and only eat boiled- even when they hated boiled eggs.

So I decided to take it upon myself to do a little research, and it turns out there is a difference in nutritional value between the two, albeit a small one.

The main difference is that fried eggs have a slightly higher fat content and contain about 12 more calories than boiled eggs, and of course both maintain the same 6 grams of protein.

Even though there is a clear difference, this small increase doesn’t give me enough cause to suggest a ban on fried eggs completely, especially if the person hates the alternative.  However, if you are one of those people that inhales 5+ eggs in one sitting, remember it all adds up. You could actually end up taking in an additional 60 calories daily, which depending on your goal may not be desired.

I believe diet changes should only be made in small doses, so it gives the person a chance to adapt to the new eating style.  Going cold turkey works for some, but for the most part it backfires and leaves the person either binge eating, unhappy or both.

Your food choices should be something to enjoy, eating healthy can be fun, delicious and of course highly nutritious if you do it right.   It needs to be a lifestyle change if you want your diet to last, not a quick fix because of a new trend.

So before you make any drastic changes to your diet, like cutting out eggs completely; get all the facts and make an informed decision based on what is best for you and your overall goal.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and make smart changes to your diet, not fashionable ones.

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