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FullSizeRender (6)Today’s Faceoffitness246 travel edition brings you to the picturesque setting of the Barbados Christ Church boardwalk. If you are visiting the island or call Barbados home, there is no better place to get an outdoor workout. With the constant sea breeze and an actual running trail, it makes working out a joy, day or night.

The south coast is often sighted as being the lively spot, where all the action happens, but there is nothing more peaceful than going for a jog on the boardwalk. Tucked neatly away by the waterfront, when you arrive to start your workout, the image of the sky meeting the clear blue sea water, and the waves crashing fiercely against the rocks allows you to disappear into a world of your own.

With the trail being exactly 1 km, calculating what distance you ran is easy to figure out, there are even slight inclines on the trail, which makes the run a lot more interesting as it challenges you to push yourself a little harder than if you were just running on a flat surface.

If you decide to walk or run on the boardwalk you are guaranteed to get a fantastic workout, not only for the heart but also for the eyes, as there is so much to see. Whether you are going for a sun set jog, or mid day stroll, witnessing the waves crashing against the rocks, the sky blue ocean, or the golden yellow beaches, it is a beautiful sight to experience, extremely tranquil; and depending on the time of year, you may even be lucky enough to catch some sea turtles making their way to the ocean during your workout.

If you were interested in more than just running, the boardwalk offers a variety of exercises you can do just by using the surrounding available. There is a short wall where you can do your box jumps, tricep dips, and if you are bold enough, you may even be able to try some walking lunges along the trail to see how far you get.  There is also a sheltered hut that you can relax under mid workout, or as your workout is complete, the hut is also a great place to stretch without having the sun beaming down on you. And it doesn’t stop there, if you get tired of jogging, the beach is literally 5 steps away, so you can relax, get a tan, or go for a nice swim to break up your workout.

Whatever you decide to do during your session, be sure to do it at the boardwalk, where training meets tranquillity.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and workout with a view, at the boardwalk.

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