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Are Your Kids Making You Fat?

The simple answer could be yes, but that would make for a very short article so I will have to go more in-depth into this. Now I’m not saying blame your kids for every pound you’ve gained since having them, because that’s mean (even though it may be their fault). But the reality is that they always want attention, and fast food, and ice cream, and cookies and chips. And on top of all that, you never get a moment to yourself to exercise because they are always around, so any time you do get to yourself is spent napping from exhaustion.

So even though the simple answer appears to be yes, is it really fair to blame the kids for your weight gain?


The argument can be made that you’re the one responsible for buying the snacks, so it is your fault. And truthfully, it is your fault, why are you buying your children all manner of high sodium, high sugar, addictive, unhealthy, cancer causing, diabetes forming, and bad habit having snacks? Which you know you will eventually start to binge eat on when they go to bed or are off at school.


There is a perfectly good fruit isle in your supermarket, and I promise if you give your children fruits as snacks from a young age they will love them. It is always best to form healthy habits from as early as possible, buying your children chips, ice cream and lollipops isn’t doing them any favour. In fact it is doing them harm, so if you love your children (and I know you do, or at least should) try to avoid the high sugar snacks and allow them to learn to love eating healthier options. In the long run you are doing them a huge favour as well as yourself.


Too Tired

This is the number one excuse I always hear, after having a long day of work, and then having to look after the kids you end up being too exhausted to workout. This one is a little tricky, but why not take the kids for a walk after you get home from work. It will allow you to get in some exercise, and tire the children out so they wont have so much energy during the evening and also build up an appetite. 30 mins a day is all it will take to form a healthy habit for you and your family, have some bonding time with the kids and lose some weight.

Always In The Way


Children always want to know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, where you’re going and will ask you a million and one questions before you get there. So the only way to get a decent workout without being interrupted is by involving your children in your exercise routine. This is a good way to keep them occupied so they are not interrupting your time, put on a Zumba mix and dance in the living room with them, or find a quick 15-minute routine online to do mornings and evenings, but the key is to get the kids involved so they are not in the way.


Illegal To Abandon


Well, we all know it is illegal to leave your kids at home alone while you go off to the gym for an hour. So if you have infant kids and you believe you are justified in using this as an excuse for your unwanted pounds, I’m here to inform you that you’re wrong again. Sorry, but there are so many home workouts online that you can get done while being able to have your child near you. Take 10 minutes out of your day to complete a quick home routine. Build the habit and eventually you will be able to progress to 30 minutes without any problems.



No Time to Cook Healthy


Eating healthy should be priority number one at all times, but there are just some days you are too tired to cook a meal for the whole family. And short of getting a personalised chef to do all your food prep, the only logical alternative is to take them to a fast food place, it’s cheap, its fast, and it’s easy. If you are OK with giving your kids fast food every now and then, it doesn’t mean you have to indulge also. If you weren’t aware, most fast food restaurants offer a salad alternative, so it is not your children’s fault if you order a deep fried burger with a side of clogged arteries, and a glass of diabetes to quench your thirst.


Blaming your children is definitely the easy way out, but if you are serious about getting healthy and losing some weight there are always ways to get this done.

Making excuses or trying to blame anyone other than yourself is ridiculous, you are in control of your life and blaming your children for the weight you have gained is unfair, and unjust. It is time to stop making excuses every day just to avoid the fact that you are the one holding yourself back.


Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and stop holding yourself back and get your children involved in your health journey.

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