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Mint delight

Mint Delight


Try this shake for a morning refresher. Mint has a smoothing effect on the intestinal tract and also exhibits some antiviral activity.

Kiwis are great as they are one of the few food rich in vitamin B6, which supports the immune system, and the foliate in kiwifruit protect against birth defect, heart disease, and cancer; healthy amounts of fibre keep the system running smoothly.


Apples are especially high in vitamin C and they also provide vitamin A as a powerful antioxidant to help resist infection and scavenge free radicals that cause inflammation.


Try the mint Delight today:

  • Handful mint
  • 2 kiwi’s (peeled)
  • 1 green apple (cut into wedges)


Juice the mint, followed by the kiwis and apple. Add ice if desired.

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