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Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?

When you 1st get into a relationship everything is magical, you shave every weekend, buy new clothes, always making the extra effort just to look pretty for your new boo.


But 2 months in, everything begins to change, you stop matching your underwear, you stop caring about what you look like; you start to get complacent, getting more comfortable in the relationship and start to let your inner pig shine.


Of course there’s nothing wrong with this, it signifies that the relationship is growing, but while the relationship is growing so is your waistline, and this is a big no-no.


The Problem: Adopting their Eating Habits

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You used to only treat yourself to fast food every other week, but your partners fast food addiction has taken over your life. Now every weekend you two pick up an extra large pizza and end up eating the whole thing without a problem.

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The Solution: Start up a new habit, without trying to change your partner too much; introduce him to something new, like cooking. Make him one of your favourite healthy dishes, and maybe you can turn Friday night ‘take out’, to Friday night cookout, when you two cook a healthy meal together, instead of spending money on take out.



The Problem: Netflix and Chill


We all know the Netflix and chill makes up the bulk of most relationships, and with this, comes the inevitable snacking on whatever you can get your hands on.
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The Solution: Instead of snacking on chocolate and ice cream, change the narrative; try snacking on fruits or nuts to fill the void instead.



The Problem: Skipping the Gym


A lot of us skip our regular gym routine to spend as much time as we can with our new flame.

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The Solution: Bring your new love to the gym with you; introduce them to a bit of your life. Even if they hate lifting weights with you, they may find a class they fall in love with, which will allow you to keep your workout routine and get them into one. Win win.



The Problem: Wine and Dine


Being in a relationship is great; you now have someone to take with you to all the new fancy restaurants you’ve always wanted to try. This means more eating out, and drinking, which equals more calories and the addition to the number on the scale.

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The Solution: Try limiting your fancy date nights to once a month, this will keep it extra special, save you a bunch of money, while also having the added bonus of saving you from yourself.


The Problem: Having No One to Impress

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One of the many perks to being with someone is that you no longer have to look extra special everyday, because you have no one to impress. While this is a great feeling, this can also become your biggest downfall, because you start letting go, and eventually you put on so much weight that you don’t recognise yourself anymore.

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The Solution: Always keep it fresh and interesting, buy new lingerie so you can keep it sexy, make sure you are constantly trying to look good for your man, and you will subconsciously make healthier choices to make sure you are looking your best at all times.



The Problem: Constantly Getting Compliments


When you get into a relationship, your other half is always telling you how beautiful you are. Which is great, until you gradually stop doing the things that kept you in good shape and looking beautiful.

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The Solution: Don’t forget to keep looking after yourself, it is so easy to get caught up in the relationship, but make sure you are still taking the time for yourself to stay in shape and eat the right way.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and make sure your relationship isn’t making you fat

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