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The Importance of Food


Food is very important, this may sound like a very obvious statement, but for a lot of people trying to lose weight they view food as an optional commodity rather than a daily essential. Not eating enough food will cause you to lose weight, but at what cost?


Under eating can often cause irreparable damage to the body if done for prolonged periods of time. I understand the desire to lose weight often outweighs logic, but putting your health at risk is not the answer.


Food is not the enemy, it helps your body to develop and repair cells, it also produces energy to keep warm, helps you stay active and alert throughout the day, helps to carry out chemical processes such as the digestion of food, protects you against infections and helps to recover from sickness.


The foods we eat consist of nutrients; the body cannot function efficiently if we are missing one of more of the essential nutrients. Not having a balanced diet is a sure fire way to become deficient in vital nutrients, which can lead to a heap of complications.



Constantly Sick

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If you do not eat enough food, your body will not be able to protect itself against diseases or fight off infections. And recovering from sickness will take much longer than the average person.



Always Cold

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If you are constantly cold this could be due to not eating enough food. This is because your body needs a certain amount of calories to create heat, and if you are not consuming enough your body will not be able to produce enough energy to keep warm.



Hair Loss

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If you start to lose chucks of hair, this could be due to lack of eating. Losing your hair is one of the first signs of nutritional deficiency, and it can unfortunately become worse due to the hormonal changes that develop from chronic under-eating.



Constantly Fainting

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If you are not eating enough you are more susceptible to fainting. If you are not ingesting enough nutrients needed to form healthy blood cells, such as iron and vitamin B-12, this could lead to the development of anaemia and minimize the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain, making you more likely to faint.



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If you are not eating enough food your body will not be able to function properly because it doesn’t have the fuel it needs to operate. This will compromise your immune system, causing you to be sick all the time (as discussed) and can eventually lead to your organs failing and death.


Eating enough food and maintaining a balanced diet is essential, as it keeps you alive and functioning. Under eating can cause a plethora of negative effects on the body, some we can recover from, but others we cannot. Trying to lose weight is not worth risking your health, by simply maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise routine will get you on the right track towards your goal weight.


So make sure you can become the face of fitness you want and remember the importance of food.

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