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The Truth Behind Sun Block


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Living in the Caribbean we are blessed with sunshine all year round for the most part; even when it’s raining, outside is still pretty warm. Although having a constant sun presence is great for most things, like hanging out with friends, going to the beach, having an out door run; our skin is sadly not one of the things that benefit from having constant interaction with the sun.

Making sure we are protecting our skin is very important, and yet, a lot of people still don’t see the significance in spending the extra 2 minutes in the morning to apply our SPF. This is generally because we believe that if we don’t burn, then the sun is not affecting us.

It is true that those of us with a darker skin tone don’t burn as easily, but burning is not the only thing we should be trying to avoid while being in the sun. Even if we do not burn, our skin is still susceptible to developing skin cancer. The UV rays that are given off by the sun penetrate deep into the skin and damage the cells, leaving our skin at a greater risk of developing cancer.

Although sun block may just seem like any other lotion, using a crème that includes sun protection is the best defence when guarding yourself against UV rays, which are the direct cause of developing skin cancer. Sunscreen provides protection by absorbing or reflecting the sun’s dangerous rays and may also contain chemicals that interact with the skin to protect it from UV rays. There are different levels of SPF, so pay close attention to the product’s SPF number. This helps determine how long the product will protect you before you need to re-apply it, therefore using a higher SPF is surely ideal if you are going to be out and about in the hot Caribbean sun for long.

So the next time before you decide to step out of the house without any protection, remember the truth behind sun block; it helps to protect your skin from developing skin cancer.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and make sure you protect yourself from the sun with SPF.

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