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The Ultimate Skin Care Guide


12 tips on how to stay flawless by Beauty Expert Danielle Gonsalves

Looking after our skin, and trying to become Beyoncé flawless is something a lot of women struggle with. Constantly breaking out, hormonal changes, products that stop working on our skin, and just not knowing what to do to fix the never ending cycle of breakout to blemish can be extremely stressful, and can make us feel helpless and extremely unattractive.


So to help with this very serious problem, Faceoffitness246 has decided to team up with Danielle Gonsalves from Rejuvenate Spa, to give you the confidence to finally put down the concealer brush and get the secret to achieving and maintaining beautifully flawless skin.

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It is important to have a skin care routine that you do twice a day. Comprising of a cleanser toner and moisturiser, this is to keep your face clean, any unwanted dirt or bacteria can lead to breakouts on the skin.

Change your Pillowcases


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If we want to keep our skin clean and clear, it is imperative that we practice changing our pillowcases once a week. This is because our hair and skin has natural oils that can cause bacteria, leading to those very unwanted breakouts.

Keep your Hands out of your face


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Touching your face is the biggest mistake you can make. I know it is common practice to touch, feel, or poke at your face, but your hands only need to be in your face when you are washing, toning or moisturising. This is to avoid transferring any unwanted bacteria onto our face, which as we all know by now- can cause severe breakouts.



Picking Pimples


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Picking your pimples, no matter how satisfying it feels is one of the WORST things you can do when aiming for beautifully flawless skin. It may temporarily get rid of the problem, but picking pimples can cause hyper-pigmentation (those dark marks), which can be challenging to get rid of.

Get a Professional (Call Rejuvenate Spa)

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Getting your skin professionally looked at and treated at least once a month helps to keep your skin feeling fresh and looking flawless, this is because it aids in your skins natural resurfacing process.


Fun Fact: Your skin brings new cells to its surface approximately every 28 days, and as we age and with environmental variables this process is compromised and slows down. So if you are looking for the best treatments to help with this, ask Rejuvenate Spa about their peels and microdermabrasion facials.

Bar Soap


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Another fascinating tip I had no idea about, avoid using bar soap at all costs, it throws off the natural pH balance of the skin and allows bacteria to spread.

Read the labels


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Always, always, always read the label, some labels are attractive to the eye but they contain ingredients that can cause more harm than good. Stay away from products that contain alcohol because they can cause excessive drying of the skin.

Consistency is the key

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As with everything in life consistency is key, make sure that you keep at your skin care program for up to 8 weeks to see the best results. If you don’t see the change immediately that’s ok, nothing great ever happened over night, you need to trust the process.

Sun Protection is Life!


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SPF is very important; the sun has harmful UV rays that can damage the skins complexion, texture and elasticity. Make sure you use an SPF of 30 for the face as part of your skin care regime.


Exfoliate… It’s Great!


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Exfoliation is great to incorporate into your skin care regime, but beware of how much you do, as too much exfoliation can be damaging to the skin. If you are trying to combat hyper-pigmentation, then exfoliation may be recommended every other day, if not- once a week will do.


(For the best results book in for an appointment at Rejuvenate Spa, they will be able to advise you on the best course of action.)

Keeping Hydrated


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It is very important to keep hydrated; introducing more water into your diet will keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy.

You Are What You Eat


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A good diet is key to healthy skin; foods that contain saturated fats, sugars and dairy can cause acne, so make sure you limit these foods at all costs if you want to maintain flawless, unblemished and perfect skin.

Become the face of fitness you’ve always wanted and contact Rejuvenate Spa today, to finally get the flawless skin you deserve

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